Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jar Inspector?

JarInspector is an editor for java archive (jar, war, ear) files . Contents can be viewed, edited, decompiled or removed without manually extracting and rebuilding the archive.

What is the current version?
Current version is 1.0.1.

What are the system requirements?
MacOS X 10.4, Java 1.5. If you have Java 1.6 installed JarInspector 1.0.1 will not work. The problem is fixed in the latest dev build.

Where can I download it?

How much is it?
It's free. However, development and distribution do cost money. If you like this program please consider making a donation.

Jar Inspector is great but I miss feature X, what can I do about it?
Please send in your feedback. Jar Inspector lives from user feedback so don't hesitate to submit your idea.

Can I use it as external editor?
Yes. JarInspector implements the ODB editor suite.

Can I use Jar Inspector with eclipse?
Yes. However, Eclipse doesn't recognize .app bundles so if you get this alert panel


Set a symbolic link directly to the executable:

ln -s /Applications/ /usr/bin/ji

and specify /usr/bin/ji as external editor in eclipse.

Can I use my favorite editor to edit jar file contents?
Most likely yes. Jar Inspector supports Smultron, TextMate, BBEdit, TextWrangler and SubEthaEdit as external editors. If your editor is not supported let me know.

When will the next version be released?
There is no fixed schedule for releases. Typically releases appear in a two to four week period.

Jar Inspector keeps on crashing - what to do?
1. Download the latest version
2. Delete the preferences (~/Library/Preferences/com.cgerdes.ji.plist)
3. Send a bug report; include the jar file if possible

How do I send feedback?

You can use the options in the Help menu to send feedback and bug reports.